About wholly living & Co.

Wholly Living & Co. is a research and wellness company dedicated to empowering women leaders to live harmoniously.


Wholly Living Research Institute is a modern propriety data-driven research lab dedicated to discovering the latest research in harmonious living.

Founded by Janét Aizenstros, this institute will focus on seven primary components that help women leaders live fulfilled in business and life.

The seven pillars to harmonious leadership are:

  • God & Soul: Source & Evolution

  • Spirituality & Metaphysics: Exploration, Evaluation & Tools

  • Health & Wellness: Mind, Emotion, Nutrition & Exercise

  • Relationships: Self, Family, Friends, Community 

  • Business, Wealth and Legacy 

  • Intellectualism: Lessons & Thought Processes  

  • Creativity and Play: Passion & Purpose


Each year Wholly Living Research Institute will complete a study to be published through major institutions and partners featuring the latest discoveries in harmonious living for leaders.


Wholly Exclusive is a premier wellness community for millionaire women entrepreneurs harmoniously building business, sisterhood and wealth.