Everyone is looking for the “holy grail” of what makes a successful leader. As we all know, no one is perfect, but we do know that there are KEY traits and processes embodied by a harmonious leader. As Jeff Bezos eloquently stated:  “I prefer the word ‘HARMONY’ to the word ‘BALANCE’ because balance intends to imply a strict trade-off.”

Throughout history women have been striving to reclaim POWER over their lives and careers. Women have had to face greater challenges for creating and maintaining their share of responsibilities in life and business. The Wholly Living Research Institute will strive to discover the contributing factors of a harmonious lifestyle by investigating successful women leaders across a spectrum of sectors.

Our findings strive to confirm the discovery and impact of a harmonious lifestyle and contributing factors to a women’s ability to be an EMPOWERED leader.

Our research focuses on the 7 PILLARS of HARMONIOUS LIVING, which we believe are the essential elements that propel a leader from AFFECTED to EFFECTIVE. These 7 PILLARS work together to create a state of FLOW that empowers women leaders to be the best version of themselves.


  1. God & Soul: Source & Evolution

  2. Spirituality & Metaphysics: Exploration, Evaluation & Tools

  3. Health & Wellness: Mind, Emotion, Nutrition & Exercise

  4. Relationships: Self, Family, Friends, Community 

  5. Business, Wealth and Legacy 

  6. Intellectualism: Lessons & Thought Processes  

  7. Creativity and Play: Passion & Purpose

The results of our research will help inform current and future women leaders to create and manage harmony in their lives and in leadership roles using these 7 PILLARS OF HARMONIOUS LIVING as their foundation.

The Wholly Living Research Institute is curious to explore what trends, traits and processes are embodied by a HARMONIOUS women leader, and seek to discover these answers in a way that is soul-driven and purposeful by questioning:

What are the qualities that make women leaders successful? Do the 7 PILLARS OF HARMONIOUS LIVING support the notion of a harmonious leader? Does the new horizon in leadership which shifts the POWER structure to an EMPOWERED dynamic support the notion of a HARMONIOUS leader?



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research overview




This is an ongoing study with first phase results planned for early 2020.

  • How does your self-discipline and surrender affect your flow in life and business?

  • Have you felt more empowered in leading your team once you consciously decided to create and maintain harmony in your personal life?

  • What effects have you seen shift in your organization and how have interactions with your colleagues transformed?

  • Were you inspired to create leaders within your organization?

  • Are you willing to be vulnerable with other women leaders by sharing personal insights from your life and business experiences?



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Due to the high volume of application responses FOR OUR 2020 STUDY, we are currently ONLY taking new applications for 2021 study.

If you would like to join our wait list for the second phase of this  study please fill out the form below.

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mission + Agenda

Our mission is to advance evidence-based research and understanding of the actual traits that harmonious women leaders embody, and the processes they employ, that contribute to outcomes not possible in the more traditional power-based leadership paradigm.

Our approach involves both applied and academic rigor—ensuring our findings provide trusted, real-world utility. We specialize in Grounded Theory methodology: setting the highest standards of theoretical saturation to ensure our findings have far-reaching value and application. In addition, Wholly Living Research Institute has gathered data using proprietary methods of face-to-face interactions with each woman selected to give emotional and intuitive foundation for this research study.

Our qualitative paradigm is a belief that HARMONIOUS women in leadership have an innate desire—that may not yet be in their awareness—to create outcomes where their team mates are also empowered. We believe harmonious leadership is the result of identifying specific traits and processes, and that building capacity in these elements are the fundamental foundations to success in an exceptional way. This class of success moves beyond the level based on the conventional outward measures dictated by societal conditioning, and happens at the level of the soul cultivated by self-discipline plus surrender which equates FLOW.

Our number one priority in sharing these trusted findings through our research is that leaders and society can utilize these ongoing studies to develop an empowered leadership dynamic to create a harmonious environment in workplaces, and, by extension, the world.


  • What makes some leaders gravitate to a more empowered leadership paradigm over the traditional power-based paradigm?

  • What attributes and practices describe leaders who lead from this harmonious style?

  • What have been the choice points of leaders who actively choose soul-driven leadership?

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LEADERS studied across various sectors





Janét Aizenstros is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and investor with a doctorate in metaphysical sciences, an EMBA and many leadership certificates from many ivy league institutions. She is a well-known author, speaker, model and philanthropist. As a podcaster, she has interviewed some of the world’s most recognized celebrities, authors and thought leaders on empowerment, leadership, metaphysics and emotional intelligence.

Her extensive media coverage globally includes features on Huffington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, Oprah.com and as a frequent lifestyle correspondent for HuffPost Live and national panelist on CTV. She has delivered keynote talks for Microsoft, Innovation Guelph and the Conrad School of Business at the University of Waterloo.

A recipient of numerous awards , Janét is the Chairwoman & CEO of Ahava Group Global (AGG)—a women-led, modern media holding company serving Fortune clients, renowned brands and media companies in nine locations globally. Through her adept leadership and vision, the digital consultancy she founded in 2011 has swiftly grown into a multi-faceted company with a team of 150 plus people globally.

From 2012 to 2015, Janét authored seven books in genres ranging from children to self-awareness. Her writings have appeared on such platforms as Huffington Post, Mind Your Mind, the Richard Dawkins Foundation and Thrive Global.  Through her podcasting, Janét created numerous series two highlighted interview series were What Do You Believe? and 21 Answers to Emotional Freedom, where featured leaders answering questions on emotional awareness, self-love, soul healing, happiness and money.  

A lover of life, mother and life partner to an amazing man…harmoniously living in a reclusive enclave in the outskirts of Guelph, Ontario.


Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph,D. ATP

Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph.D. ATP, is the Assistive Technology Specialist for RSU 21 in Kennebunk Maine, and serves as a Special Education, AT, AEM, and UDL consultant. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of New England's Graduate Programs in Online Learning, as well as the University of Maine at Farmington.

Hillary is a nationally certified Assistive Technology Professional, providing consultation, training, and evaluation services to educational and other institutions in the areas of Assistive Technology, Accessible Educational Materials, and Universal Design for Learning. She has presented to educators across the country on a variety of topics, including accessibility, UDL, iPads and apps, and Chromebooks and apps. Prior to this position, she has served as an Intervention Specialist and Special Educator with 20 years of teaching experience.

Hillary is most passionate about educating others about the importance of ensuring that the curriculum is accessible to all students first, rather than after it's been developed. Hillary was awarded her Ph.D. in Education with distinction in March 2015, with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction that is centered around UDL. Her book, One Size Does Not Fit All: Equity, Access, PD, and UDL is available on Amazon, which illustrates how a one hour training in Universal Design for Learning can lead to transfer of learning and improved lesson plans.

Home is where her heart truly is —with her husband, son, and stepson in Saco, Maine.

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